Rahul Gandhi – The King Breaker

The state elections in Rajasthan, MP, Chhatisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram have elucidated one thing; that the BJP is not invincible. In a closely fought election the ruling party had clearly missed the plot and in away exposed itself and the chink in its armor. The premise for this loss will be debated for another 6 months and the run up to the National Elections is going to be full of political bickering and posturing. But let us not forget that India is a democracy that had its voters drinking out of the central government’s hands in 2014. That was the time when Narendra Modi was saying all the right things, making all the right moves, admonishing all the right people.

It is unfathomable to imagine, that the Congress Party, which conceded defeat to the saffron don in the most morbid fashion would rear its head back so vehemently in the assembly elections. Forget about the black money that was supposed to come back from Swiss Tax havens, some of the regular and mundane promises too were kept out of reach for the common man. That perhaps was BJP’s undoing.

If the ruling party is to do an analysis of what went wrong for them, it would be stumbling on a newly transformed and dare I say they newly invigorated Rahul Gandhi. Never in history a leader or a party president shed his tag of being ineffective or in his case it was the moniker of ‘Pappu’ so swiftly. In his less than gloating press conference, he spelled out the reasons for the INC’s victory in three states. And like a general after a battle was won, Rahul did not hesitate to say that the mistakes of the opposition directed him towards doing the right thing. Come to think of it, a simple plan but a masterstroke. Persistence and perseverance has converted the narrative and the national mood against the BJP and the gloves are finally off.

Issues like Demonitization, GST and farmer suffering did play a part in dethroning the BJP but there are always issues. The rulers always get something wrong and the opposition has a responsibility of leveraging those mistakes in their favor. But it has to be done well. It has to be done at a time when the bleeding will be maximum and the damage the most irreparable.  The BJP can go back to the drawing board during the day and count the stars at night but the moment of reckoning is here. This does not mean that they will not win in 2019; it just means that they just might not win.

In a country that is laden with a plethora of cultures and a multitude of social layers, it is not a good idea to impose the idea or ideology of any particular religion. If the crux of the mistakes that the BJP has made can be molded into one ball, then promulgating the idea of Hindutva can be considered an oncoming snowball for the right wing party.

An election that was supposed to one sided has been given a new lease of drama and life and that is thanks to some hard-line decisions by the BJP and spending time and effort on inanimate statues than real people with real problems.

Image Credit: Google (Labelled for Reuse)