In My Opinion
The Cup of Life! And Death
The biggest, baddest and the most ruthless tournament of the world cup has started with South Africa and England squaring off in the [...]
The Model Code of ‘Misconduct’
Elections in India are a cesspool of populism, intimidation, bank rolls and last but not the least of religious overtones. While I was in [...]
Balakot Doctrine – The Rubicon Moment
It has been 2 decades to Kargil. But for those of us who remember the war, it is a nightmare that refuses to fade away. The clouds of war [...]
Hardik Pandya – First Step into Oblivion
“Hey, Bhaiya, it’s you, I thought someone else is waiting for me”. This was the greeting I received from a cricketer who would soon [...]
Last Christmas!
Christmas usually brings a wave of charm, chirpiness and happiness around the globe. There is a flare and frenzy in the air which some of [...]
You Only Live Twice, or Not
India's first test victory at Adelaide will lend a lot spunk and confidence to the team that has egregiously boasted a terrible overseas [...]
Rahul Gandhi – The King Breaker
The state elections in Rajasthan, MP, Chhatisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram have elucidated one thing; that the BJP is not invincible. In a [...]