Balakot Doctrine

Balakot Doctrine – The Rubicon Moment

It has been 2 decades to Kargil. But for those of us who remember the war, it is a nightmare that refuses to fade away. The clouds of war that overshadowed the aspects of our daily lives were once again looming after India pounded terrorist training camps at Balakot. For some of us, it was also a forgotten memory that India had shown some aggression in the past.

For the longest time we have tolerated and endured the idea that India and Pakistan will never have a normal relationship and all of that changed with Balakot.

For a country that prides itself by being a lynchpin of peace, the almost muscular dominance by India was like a breath of fresh air. The dossier diplomacy and the faltered diplomatic posturing had become so monotonous and languid.

How long can a country wait for things to change? How long can the people of India be distracted by a nation that has nothing to lose?

The attack on the terror camps perhaps also has come at a time when the world is looking at India and for some strange reason also at Pakistan.

There is a saying that ‘No PR is bad PR’. Perhaps that is the reason Pakistan finds itself in the centre of a storm. A storm that is Pakistan’s own creation and a storm that won’t settle unless they hands us Maulana Masood Azhar, Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim. The shackles of India’s restraint are off now and it is not a ‘Naya’ Pakistan that we should be concerned about but a ‘Naya’ India that is forging ahead with its new spunk and determination.